Coin Collector

Your collection is special – Keep it protected

Don’t leave your numismatic collection unprotected. These special items need to have special protection and regular homeowners coverage, in most cases, is just not adequate. This program was designed specifically for this purpose and offers many benefits.


  • No Appraisals Required – Only single items over $10,000 need to be listed on the application
  • Replacement Cost Coverage – You will receive current market value of the item at the time of loss.
  • Excellent Coverage includes fire, lightning, vandalism, theft, and accidental breakage.
  • Low Deductibles – Deductibles starting at $250 per occurrence. Higher deductibles available for premium credit.
  • Other Collectibles Accepted – Coverage for mostly any collectible can be added onto the policy except jewelry, modern guns, and anything motorized.This is not a complete list of exclusions or limitations.
  • High Rated Carriers – All coverage is written by carriers with at least an A rating from A.M. Best.
  • Hassle Free Claim Settlement – Our experts work with you to ensure fairness
  • Collector Designed Program was designed by collectors to provide comprehensive coverage for such a special market.

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